58 Hannah Rd, Umbilo, Durban, 4001
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM
58 Hannah Rd, Umbilo, Durban, 4001
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM
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Natal Pest Service
An answer to all your Pest Problems
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Entomology Property inspections
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Why Us?

More than 40 Years of Experience
Professional Team

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More than 40 Years of Experience

Nata Pest Control

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All our services are guaranteed in writing and in the unlikelihood of a re-infestation within the guaranteed period we will re-treat the area on a no-charge basis. Natal Pest Services are audited on an annual basis by the DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE.

Say goodbye to those pesty creatures

Our Approach to the market and environment is one of extreme safety – we only use approved insecticides that are registered with the DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE act 36 of 1947. Our technicians are qualified and have necessary certification as per the DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE

Our staff are fully trained to give them understanding of procedures and help them provide quality services.
  • Personal service guaranteed
  • Safety and environmental care is our top priority
  • 15 professional staff members

Choosing a Service You Trust

Are you bothered about choosing the best pest control service because you do not know which to trust? We are certain about the fact that you want the best services, which is why we are here for you. We are experts, and we don’t want you to go through the stress of surfing the internet without getting any result; this could be annoying, and we know that.

Certified Pest Control Services

All of our experts are certified pest control professionals.

Pest problems we solve

Pest Library


Residential, commercial & industrial, Natal Pest Service provides a wide range of treatments based on your requirements.


Specified area treatments as well as tenting/fumigating of all dwellings (houses, blocks of flats, domestic and industrial). Natal Pest Service will provide detailed reports on the most appropriate and safe way to proceed.


Natal Pest Service Offer a variety of treatments for ants. A Technician will advise on a suitable method to eradicate and control the problem.

Bed Bugs

Hotels and residential treatment with a safe registered product on premises or in the privacy of your home. Bed bugs are a worldwide problem that is steadily on the increase

Rodent Control

Environmentally safe products are used in strategic places. Natal Pest Service provide a complete service solution for any environment.

Bird Lice

Removal of nests and treatment of affected area


Treatments of all areas will be advised by an Technician

White-Ants (Sub-terrainean termites)

Should you have a white ant problem your property should be inspected, it is imperative for houses over 30yrs to have a yearly inspections at a nominal cost.

Why Us

Professional Pest Control Team

Questions & Answers
How long do I have to vacate my premises when it is being treated?
Approximately 48 hours. The tent will cover the premises for 24 hours.
I find “sand like” grains on the floor, what is this?
It is the woodborer fras (droppings). Usually found along skirting’s, in cupboards, under doors and in the roof. It is a sign of woodborer activity. It is advisable to have an inspection done.
Why do I need an entomological certificate?
Its is required by law when you are selling your home to get a clearance certificate, stating that your home is clear of ant wood destroying insects. An entomologist will do a full inspection of your home; a report will be given to yourself, the Estate Agent, and the Attorney.
What must I remove form my house when it is being tented of fumigated?
Natal Pest Services will supply you with a detailed list of items that need to be removed; we also arrange a site meeting prior to tenting/fumigation.
Is it always necessary to tent/fumigate?
No, Natal Pest Services will identify the problem, make recommendations and treat the problem insitu (isolate and treat infested area).
When is woodborer flight season?
Sept to May/June, they then infest dwellings and furniture where they will multiply and be ready to emerge for the next flying season.
Why do we need to rid our homes of woodborer and wood destroying insects?
If left untreated your roof, floors, window frames, furniture, and any other wood items can be severely damaged and be expensive to replace. When last did you go under your house or in your roof to inspect for woodborer or white ants? It is imperative for houses over 30yrs to have a yearly inspection at a nominal fee to check for these very destructive wood destroying insects.
Get An Estimate

Services are offered without contract and can be modified at any time.

    Selling your house?
    The inspection of your property
    (Entomologist Report)
    The inspection will only commence once we have received the "go ahead" from the Estate Agent or the Transferring Attorney. They will issue us with detailed instructions containing all the relevant information (that of the Seller, Purchaser, Applicable Address, Contact Numbers, and Whom to contact for access to the property). A member from Natal Pest Services will contact you and arrange a date convenient for you, to carry out the inspection. The inspector will be in uniform and will be driving a "Natal Pest Services" sign written vehicle.

    The inspection will be carried out to all buildings on your property. A detailed report with relevant recommendations and costs and/or all the relevant documents will be will be sent to you as well as the Estate Agent and Transferring Attorney.
        The procedure will inspect the following:
      • Roof Timbers
      • Sub Floor areas
      • and all joinery that is
      • Built-in cupboards
      • Door Frames
      • Doors
      • Skirting Boards
      • Flooring
      • Window Frames
    Keep Yourself "In The Know"

    In all probability you will require an Entomologist Report
    and Clearance Certificate against wood-destorying insects
    (Woodborer and White Ants)

    031 205 5354

    Handing Documentation

    We fully appreciate the importance of the documentation as well as the urgency.

    Post Address
    58 Hannah Rd, Umbilo, Durban, 4001
    Contact Phone
    031 205 5354

    Ask Your Question

    We look forward to helping you create and maintain a clean, healthy environment that’s as enjoyable as it is functional.